About Us

We are a content writing startup laser-focused on producing rich content for niche websites. If you’re targeting a niche and monetizing your website through affiliate or display ads (through Ezoic, for example), we can help.

Based out of India, we have writers — or Ninjas, as we refer to them — in India, Philippines, and Brazil. Our Ninjas are adept at writing both in English and Spanish. Because of offshoring advantage, we are able to deliver content at cheaper rates while maintaining quality.

While delivering content, we make sure the content is: 

    • 100% original
    • Zero plagiarized (Checked with Copyscape)
    • Free from Grammatical errors (Checked with Grammarly)
    • Free from fluff and boring
    • Following all Specified Guidelines

All of the content we produce is ghostwritten unless negotiated otherwise. We do not hold any copyrights or credits.