Product Reviews and Comparison

Product reviews and product comparison  are a great way for niche websites to add value for consumers.

People need more information about the products before making a decision on which product to buy. Such articles also offer better monetization opportunities through affiliate marketing.

For creating product reviews, our Ninjas follow a specific protocol:

    • Review the Official website and then the product
    • Read reviews of it on top publications (like Techradar, Tom’s Guide)
    • Go through the forums to learn what people are “ACTUALLY” talking about the products
    • Go through YouTube videos to see the product in action
    • Prepare a Framework for Review
    • Start Writing the review
    • Proofread for errors and correctness

All of this takes somewhere between a day to a week depending on how complex the products are, the timeline, and the budget.

Our Ninjas also compare the products in juxtaposition for Product Comparison articles. These articles will help you rank for and monetize “Product A vs Product B” types of queries.

As a writing agency, we take full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Unbiased and plagiarism-free copy is what we strive for.