Question and Answer

People have a lot of questions in their mind when prospecting products and services. Hoping to find correct answers, they turn to search engines. And that’s where the value lies for niche websites. These search queries are a goldmine.

Approximately 8% of search queries are question-based. So they start with or include keywords like “why”, “how”, “when”, “who”, etc. We realize the value of such question keywords and it’s the primary type of articles we produce.

Our Ninjas are adept at deciphering the exact meaning and context behind the query and then answer precisely.

Every answer written by our Ninjas is cross-checked for authenticity and correctness. We ensure your readers get the answer they came looking for to your website. At the same time, we try to include enough related information to keep the audience engaged and improve trust with your niche website.

Our writers use a lot of formatting techniques to make the article scannable and helpful. Although specific requirements varies by client, we include a:

    • A blockquotes containing the direct answer
    • Bullet points
    • Images and Infographics
    • Sources
    • Summary

The length of Question-and-answer articles varies somewhere between 250 words to 1000 words. It’s better to keep the article short, crisp, and to the point to avoid confusion.